Our Story

'We make gorgeous, insanely high quality and affordable LED neon signs. Long lasting, inspiring and unique - designed in the UK and shipped worldwide. We don't just sell products, we sell feelings, a mood - that certain ambience of a room - our mission is to inspire joy, creativity and aspiration for life through each unique piece - so, let us 'create your vibe through light'...'

NeonMug was founded in 2014 which is a company dedicated to creating high-end neon art in the world.
Adhering to the mission of “Neon art lights up our future”, NeonMug has sold more than 100,000 neon art signs to worldwide which are widely used in brand logo, wedding scenes, home decoration and so on.
NeonMug has workshops with an area of 20,000 square meters, more than 51 Grandmasters, 13 designers and 4 marketing centers. We have more than 110 large distributors in 27 countries around the world.
Each sign has undergone 68 production processes. From engraving to precise measurement, precise corner cutting, precise pasting, etc., finally a wonderful neon art is born.
After years of research and development and practice, NeonMug uses 10 mm thick honeycomb paperboard and custom made U shaped corner protector. We use protective membrane, which solves the fragile acrylic board problem in the industry.
NeonMug will adhere to the customer first philosophy and create more values for more customers in the future.

What's the deal with LED neon? Here's why we choose it over traditional glass neon:

- It's much longer lasting and produces a more vivid light over greater periods of time

- It costs less to produce, which means we can pass on the savings to our customers

- It's better for the environment as uses much less energy to run

- It won't break if dropped or hit for any reason, and is safe to touch as doesn't produce massive heat like traditional glass neon

We focus on producing the best products at the best prices for our amazing customers, and everything we do is focused on our ultimate mission - 'to inspire creativity, joy and aspiration for life through each unique piece'